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Name: Lina

Age: 26

Contact: [ profile] alebrije // alebrije#3012 @ discord

Preferred Pronouns: she/her

Other Characters: Hanna King


Name: Nyx Ulric

Age: 35

Memory Option: Deteriorating AU

Established Status: 5 years

Canon: Final Fantasy XV (Kingsglaive, specifically)

Canon Point: End of movie

Citizenship: Westie, currently in the Company

Job: Company Man



  • Hand-to-hand combat

  • Free-running

  • Weapons training: gun usage, knife usage, sword usage

  • Precision driving

  • Spec ops training

  • Black ops training: including covert operations, infiltration, stealth, and so on


  • Magic: in canon, he is granted access to use a variation of the King's magic, with a caveat: the ring bearer and wielder of the magic of the Lucii must be alive. This magic includes the following:
    • Elemental magic: specifically creating lightning bolts and fire balls at will

    • Force fields

    • Warping: Nyx's weapons are imbued with the ability for him to warp, which is pretty much teleportation. It instantly snaps the user from one place to wherever the weapon is going in a flash of glass, ash, cinders, and fire.

His elemental magic will be translated as chemical-based hack mods, while the force fields while be translated as a piece of tech embedded into his gloves. The warping will also be translated as phasing tech via hack mods. His kukri serve as anchor points and triggers to switch between fully solid and essentially smoke. Each phase lasts at most 5 seconds. Any longer will result in adverse effects.


Nyx Ulric, at his core, is a caring man, one who feels deeply but manages, for the most part, to keep his emotions under control. Among his peers, Nyx is known for both his capacity to be cool under pressure, and to do really stupid shit. For this he is nicknamed "Hero" because, you guessed it, he's a big damn hero.

A guilt complex fuels his heroic streak. He was unable to save his sister from the attacks on Galahd, so in turn, he fights hard and does absolutely whatever he can to never be so helpless. Only once does he explicitly mention his feeling of helplessness to Luna, but clearly it continues to haunt him 12 years after the fact. Perhaps it's his capacity to feel so deeply, or perhaps it's his need to carry this memory to continue with his current life, but nonetheless, it drives him towards accomplishing impressive feats. He is known to have been one of the more gifted and adept users of the King's magic and he displays his prowess without fear or hesitation.

Of course, the heroism could be read as arrogance and recklessness. Nyx has little to lose without a home and without a blood family. What he has now are only his comrades, and the hope of a future. He's learned to accept death, as well as having no true home to ever go back to. Nyx is, at his worst, a vagrant, a man who is a victim of the brutality of war and diaspora. Galahd is lost and destroyed, and his ties to it are tenuous at best. Though we have no concrete evidence of it, it's safe to assume that the braids he wears and the tattoos he sports are commemorations of Galahd, as his best friend since childhood Libertus also has braids and tattoos.

With so little to lose, well... he's learned not to really hold back his tongue. What he says, he fully believes, and sometimes, that means breaking orders. Our introduction to Nyx in Kingsglaive is him going back to save his best friend against orders. When questioned, Nyx says he follows his heart, and so long as it beats, he follows that. Naturally, he got demoted to the lowest of low work for his insubordination. Nonetheless, though Nyx is a loyal soldier, if he feels something is wrong, he will go out of his way to do the right thing and tell the truth, no matter what. His need to tell the truth goes beyond even respect for superiors. He very nearly accuses King Regis of killing hundreds upon hundreds of innocents, and he pretty much tells off the astral beings known as The Old Kings to, essentially, go screw themselves, even as he lay dying and literally burning. Imagine, if you will, Nyx laying on the ground, knees shot out, laughing hysterically while his arm is on fire. That, in a nutshell, is Nyx Ulric.

As mentioned earlier, he believes in a future. Hopeful, but not naive, Nyx will see something through to the bitter end if it means something better is at the end. In a way, he could be seen as somewhat Machiavellian. To protect the future, to ensure the ring would reach Prince Noctis, he accepted the incredibly stilted terms of exchanging his life for a few hours of unbridled power. Don't be mistaken, though, because he would readily give up his own life instead of his friends' lives. Nyx was offered the power of the Lucii if he sacrificed a life, and he blew off the offer entirely. It was simply unacceptable. Nyx is a man of sacrifice, knows exactly where he stands if not by his own self-awareness, the constant reminders from people within Insomnia who harbor deep hatred and xenophobia for the refugees.

He has no loss of identity, for he knows where he comes from, but in brief moments we see his hesitation and the anger that comes in attacking his heritage. A guard attempts to get a rise out of him. Instead, Nyx chose to ignore the man as best as possible, keeping down the anger. Yet, he says to the Kings, that he is nothing. He has nothing, now comes from nothing, so now, he is simply nothing but a man and a soldier without a future to call his own and a past long gone.

AU History:

Nyx was only a boy when his planet was attacked. Well, not outright. For many years, his home planet was continually under the duress of war, skirmishes and outbreaks cropping up across the planet. Life went on, of course. He had to live, support his sister and his mother. He studied and he worked at a bar, often not seeing his family for the sake of their survival.

But of course, invaders are never happy with resistance. In one fell swoop, the planet was devastated by an onslaught of attacks. War is not without its victims. Nyx's younger sister Selene was killed during the attacks. With nowhere to stay and little options, Nyx escaped with thousands of refugees, destination Westerley. Almost immediately he experienced a harsh outpouring of hatred and malice, but he brushed it off. He wasn't here to make anyone happy, he was here to survive.

Luckily, an older bartender saw a spark in Nyx's eye. He took Nyx in and allowed him to stay so long as he could work. And work he did, never giving anything but 110%. Once he was on his feet, Nyx and the bartender parted ways only temporarily, electing to serve the Company as best as he could. Between missions, Nyx would come back to Bahamut's Fury, putting in a little time and effort to maintain the bar.

During the recent outbreak, the bartender died, and the bar was sacked. Bottles missing, glasses broken and gone, Nyx became the owner of the Fury, as the bartender had no next of kin. He hopes to get the Fury back on its feet, carefully spending his money from the Company and looking for trusted people to work at his bar.

While he works for the Company, he runs with a unit known as the Glaive. The Glaive is made up of refugees and runaways like himself, all with similar abilities, but with their own unique styles as well. Nyx, to the Glaive, and possibly beyond is known as The Hero. An easy grin and a streak for reckless activities have earned him the moniker both out of affection and sometimes out of sarcasm. There are those who don't trust or even like the Glaive, but they do their job no matter what.

On occasion though... he has his moments of rebellion. A good soldier, a fine soldier, but not a thoughtless one. Nyx has racked up his fair share of punishments and minor demotions for going against orders. Those who are sympathetic to the Resistance are sometimes let go by Nyx. He doesn't have the heart to arrest those who truly believe in something better. This fact is, of course, little known to the Company. Some few Resistance members know him to be a hero as well, for his mercy and compassion, not his brave feats.

A decorated member of the Company, Nyx works hard to maintain order and to lend help to those who need it. Now the next chapter in his life begins: maintaining a piece of shit bar he wants to salvage.


Original History: Here


  • A picture of his mom and his sister

  • A pair of kukris

  • A morbol cell phone charm

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